Control Panels, All Type Of Sheet Metal Fabrication, Enclosures, Floor Standing Enclosures, PLC, Wall Mounting Enclosures, Server Rack, UPS Cabinet, Terminal Box, MCB Box, Transformer Mounting Panel, LT Panel, HT Panel, Wire Cable Duct

Welcome to Space Fabin

Space Fabin founded by Mr. Kiran Patil in the year 2002. To design and develop best solution of Sheet Metal Industry. Our vision of to give Quality work and in Time delivery with Competitive price to their Customer. We have more than 22 years of experience in Sheet Metal Industry.

Space Fabin manufacturer of Wall Mounting Enclosures, Floor Standing Enclosures, Server Racks, Terminal Boxes, MCB Boxes, Transformer Mounting Panels, PLC Panels, ST Panels and Wire Cable Ducts

Our Clients

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